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November 30, 2012

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StarCaptain is a fast paced puzzle game for tablets and mobile devices where you help space captain Gloof control his spaceship. There's only one problem; you don't have enough fuel and you need the power of stars to keep going. Every time you hit a star you'll get a boost that tosses you in the direction you choose, but the ship will crash fast if you don't manage to get to the next star. The controllers are easy to master, but the game is a real challenge. Not only do you have to catch all the stars, you have to watch out for supernovas and black holes that will kill you unless you learn how to use them correctly. The black hole has a force field that, when used correctly, will help you finish the level. With more than 70 levels, two worlds and over one hour active game time, this game will keep you both busy and entertained.


The concept of StarCaptain was developed by the programmer Tobias while he studied at Blekinge Institute of Technology, and during that time he released a similar game called Starcatcher on Xbox, but it wasn't until he won Game Concept challenge that he had the opportunity to gather a team and develop the game further. The team members found each other at a cross media education called EUCROMA which was based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Inspired by the cross media education, the team has created comics about the game's main character, comics that are currently being published in the Swedish newspaper TTELA as well as online. StarCaptain is the first game to be released by the studio and the team.


  • Unique art and music
  • Challangeing puzzels
  • Fast paced gameplay, you have to think fast!
  • More than 70 levels and over an hour active game time.
  • Two interesting worlds


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Awards & Recognition

    • "Winner of Game Concept challenge 2012." Karlshamn, Sweden, 7 june, 2012

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      About Number TwentyFive Entertainment

      We're a small game studio located in Karlshamn, Sweden. We do contract work of varying disciplines and fields, but always with game development as our core objective. The company consists of Tobias Kärrman and Anton Hällfors, and freelancing friends of them brought in for specific projects.

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      StarCaptain Credits

      Tobias Kärrman
      Programming, Game design

      Karin Bruér
      Artist, Freelancer

      Fredrik Häthén
      Music, Freelancer

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