Dragon Steve

Dragon Steve needs your help! Greed for diamonds brought him far away from his safe home among the tree tops and now he’s stuck on the ground. Help Steve get home, but don’t forget to make him as rich as possible along the way!

Dragons! Vinkings! Weird machines! Dragon treasures! This game got it all. “Dragon Steve – Treasure hunt” is a physics based puzzle game where your goal is to toss Steve around to bring him home, since he’s to fat to fly on his own. Do it with as few tosses as possible and collect as many diamonds you can!

“Dragon Steve – Treasure hunt” started out as a prototype during Nordic Game Jam 2013 and had a pretty dark art style and feel to it. When the team got home from the event, they still had many ideas to what the game could be like and they started developing it for the mobile platform. This time with colourful graphics and an awesome new soundtrack. The nordic theme stuck, and Steve the dragon was born!
Up, up and away!


The team!